Friday, August 7, 2015

M.Joseph Sheppard Post-Report;The GOP Debate-Winners and Losers-My Take

Utter disaster for Governor Walker at Time poll 1% Trump in massive lead at 45%. At Drudge Trump 52% all 9 others combined 48%

The winner DT Ted 2nd Carson Mr.Personality

four a.m. EST
Drudge poll update SHOCK Jeb almost 100% more votes than Christie-not even close (yes it's sarc)

  1. "The real story is the collapse of Trump in this debate" Trump who got more votes than all other candidates combined?That Trump?
  2. Lot more people (at Drudge poll) than in the Luntz "selected to reinforce my agenda" panel
    1. Luntz is done along with the rest of the Trump hate media
    2. The next lot of polls will show Trump even stronger because of the Fox sabotage attempts. media doesn't get it

  1. Your prediction (Trump will decline after debate) may struggle. Trump on 48.3% at Drudge poll a massive landslide

Just discovers (after weeks of the dying media's beat up on Trump ) "Trump makes it clear that he plays by his own rules"

< Rubio will pick up Jeb votes Did he advise how many Bush votes Trump will pick up (there may not be many l think so it may be moot)

The media just doesn't get it-the more they hit Trump the more I and the rest of base likes him

Happily we will be spared the Fiorina flavor of the four hours now

<"Trump was weak" this weak ? Trump on 48.3% at Drudge poll a massive landslide

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  2. Trump 100,000 votes on Drudge 42.1% with daylight back to the rest
  3. Question is how did the media manage to prop up Jeb! for so long. Does being part of the "Establishment" mean you happily lose all values?
  4. Tweet "Trump said politicians can be bought!" Well yes you got his point-good for you Lib
  5. After Jeb's invisible man performance is the dust cloth being quietly taken of Mitt?
  6. Is there the faint sound of a Romney horse being quietly saddled?? The grooming brush dusted off? We'll know if the media mentions his name
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    Prediction is that poll numbers go up after this. Sorry, focus groupers.
  8. New season of the real reality show 'Donald Trump and the apprentices"
  9. "They didn't have time to ask Trump if he had stopped beating his wife."

  10. They tied to bait Trump on the 3rd party issue but he, impressively, had the courage of his convictions and raised his hands

Stuck to his guns on the 3rd party run issue instead of mealy mouthing backtrack-very courageous and impressive

  1. "GOP reminded Trump has been more than decent to Palin as try to convince people that he's sexist somehow because of joke about O'Donnell.
  2. Exactly so;Drudge Poll:Christie,Jebbie,Huckabee all UNDER 3% Paul,Cruz 12% Carson +9%,Rubio +7% Walker 5.7%, Kasich under 5% Trump 41%
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    Pundits looking at with same eyes they did when he anounced they'll be shocked when he's still leading next week
  4. "FB is burning mad about Trump setups!" They've thrown the kitchen sink at Trump who's still standing.More they do it the more he'll rise

  1. imo Carson very likable but imo not a leader Jeb is done with his immigration "act of love" poor presentation
  2. IMO Trump is Trump you either the like him or you don't Tonight Cruz shows his skills as a debater-pauses between sentences and well argued.

  1. Oh Lord-now we'll have to sit through a month or two of media bright shiny object Fiorina frenzy till they dump her. All things must pass
  2. "Why do u get the feeling that Carly will be used to bash Trump. Yet when he responds,Dem/GOP will accuse him of sexism"
  3. Kiss of death "Karl Rove thought Fiorina and Perry did great.should tell you all you need to know Fiorina and Perry are Bushies "
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      I'm going to have to take the long way to the because the bridge is closed. Well played Chris Christie. Well played.
      1. Matt Taibbi's "GOP debate drinking game" is so childish it even appeals to Taylor Marsh