Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Shock Investigation; Wonkette's T-Shirt Bazaar-Products Of Chinese Child Labor/Bangladesh Sweatshops?

The notorious "progressive" hate site of all things decent and holy which self--describes as "A vile socialist anti-Christian propaganda blog." has taken their grift to stratospheric levels.

Not content with begging their readers for free "booze and cigarettes and a free house in D.C." on the heels of their most successful money grab yet from their suckers ($15,000 for "web update capacity") the site now flogs the most tatty looking "clothing" imaginable

But this investigation is not about the terrible "artwork" on the assorted junk and it's clear intention to lead the young and impressionable, old and perverted, down the path to communistic collectivization. Rather it raises, to use Andrew Sullivan's phrase, "legitimate questions."

If any of these questions are answerable in the affirmative they would be a mind-boggling sensation, and worthy of inclusion in an updated version of Andrew Ross's expose of the terrible manufacturing of consumer goods "No Sweat" 
where he exposed low wage labor being used in designer brands.

Since there is absolutely no disclaimer on the "Wonkette Bazaar" page the question arises

1. Are these items of drek clothing made in China by child labor?

2.Are these items made in Bangladesh by poor women being paid terrible pay whilst working long hours in unsafe conditions?

3. Are the child "models" in the photographs subject to US child labor laws? Were they paid, and if so were union fees and taxes deducted? Will they ever get over the humiliation of being used in Wonkette when they are older?

4. Are the images of a woman's breasts clearly touching one of the male models acceptable imagery to be on the same page that has a child posing?

5. Is it moral/ethical to have a child's image next to what could be considered pornographic vagina dentata underwear? (at the very least it is disgusting)

These questions are at the level of a national scandal it could be considered, and honest journalists like Brian Williams for example, should undertake a massive investigation. How long can this sort of thing continue an enraged populace will surely ask???

Look ye and weep;