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Sarah Palin “Mother and Conscience of the Nation”

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Governor Palin is the very definition of protean: “versatile” “mutable” “capable of assuming many forms”…. “Protean” has positive connotations of flexibility, versatility, and adaptability.”

If Palin had been a Democratic party star, her rise from the most obscure and humble of beginnings would be more than the subject of legend it would be raised to the status of paean, panegyric and hagiography.

Instead of recruiting the assistance of the Hollywood left to create a distorted, cartoon character of “Palin” in the hit job movie “Game Change” if Palin had been the Dem’s VP nominee, in a brave but losing cause (trying to support up a McCain like figure whose campaign was beset by financial collapse) instead of a second tier actress like Julianne Moore, a Meryl Streep would have been cast as the heroine.

There would seem to be nothing more unlikely to have ever happened in political life than the small town wife of an oil fields worker in the farthest remove possible location from the power structure in D.C. could become the vice-presidential candidate for a major party. Then, through her sheer force of personality, tied to an unparalleled record of accomplishment in government, lift a losing campaign into the lead until outside economic forces made any further progress impossible.

Palin’s protean history is well known. Wife and Mother, then PTA President to Mayor, to Oil & Gas Commission Chairman, to the most popular Governor in America, to star of various television programs. TV pundit, massively successful author, having a mass social media following in the millions.

At the same time a Wife and Mother of five, including a special needs child. Her political power, no matter how much the media wishes to write her off as “irrelevant,” has been at its zenith with Congress being slowly but surely populated with her endorsed candidates. In the 2014 mid-terms, 21 of her 23 endorsed candidates were elected, a number of whom owe their primary wins to her support

This is, to any fair minded person who can lay down their political bias for even a moment, an outstanding list of accomplishment, achieved by the bootstrap method, with none of the massive financial backing and media slavishness that others have had-quite the reverse of course.

In recent times Palin appears to have thrown off the happy go lucky persona that was so evident in her “Amazing America” and “Sportsman Chanel” outdoorsy shows. Her latest television appearances have shown a deadly serious, fact presenting, and cogent Palin. This is much to the distress of her critics who have seen the “dumb” meme destroyed with the subject matter discussed in a powerfully and deeply sincere and “gaff free” manner.

What appears to have wrought this “new’ Palin is a subject that appears to be close to her heart and which she, with her son Trig standing as a foremost example, has “walked the walk” and that is the protection of the unborn.
Governor Palin has embarked on a crusade of the highest moral and ethical character in her bringing to as many as possible of the wider public the abortion practices of Planned parenthood.

Whilst the MSM has, for the most part studiously ignored the issue, as they did with the abortionist Gosnell, Palin has brought it front and center to millions through her Facebook and Twitter outlets and latterly on Fox television.
It is notable that leading the Congressional fight to defund PP are Senators Fischer and Ernst who owe their careers in whole, or in part, to her endorsement.

It may be that Governor Palin will not seek elective office in the foreseeable future and, rather, use her formidable endorsement power to propel the candidate of her choice to the Republican nomination and the presidency.

If that were to be the case it may be considered that she has chosen an office far above the maximum of 8 years of the presidency to one that has its base in immortality and that is the crusade to save the lives and potential of the unborn. It may be that if this is her path, countless generations will owe their very existence to her work, and the work of those she enthuses in the cause, as well as the work of those who have, and are now, laboring in this field of righteousness.

When considering her own political future at its lowest point Palin said “you don’t need a title to make a difference.” That may be so in the political field she has so far traversed, but in the far greater field of humanity, saving the innocent and imbuing a corrupted moral culture with a return to sanity and ethical values, Palin can be well considered to have gained the title “Mother and Conscience of the Nation”

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