Saturday, May 7, 2016

A First Hand Report From Donald Trump's Eugene Rally' "Whatta Day!!!! WOW! Whatta Night!!!!"

Whatta Day!!!! WOW! Whatta Night!!!!
Arrived around midday. Teamed up with some Lane County Republicans who were setting up Tents in the Fairground once the Gates were opened. Fairground has a high security fence with several gates.
Gates opened around 2pm. Because of who I was with, I was in the First Vehicle to get in.
A huge line formed in front of the Main Auditorium. They started screening at around 4pm, letting us into the building. Got a great spot just to the left of the stage, right down where he came after his speech.
He certainly went after Hillary (see video link below) HOW TRUMP WILL DESTROY CLINTON. He also went after GOOFY Elizabeth Warren as well.
FWIIW.... My 2 cents... I don't believe Hillary will run.... too much, far too much baggage... (I mean to say, if you searched the world over, you could not find a "worse" candidate than her.) I believe the DNC has got it rigged to ditch her, in the not too distant future and bring in "fresh" candidates... i.e.
Warren... Biden etc.... soooooo..... it will obama all over again.... fresh candidates.... and no time to vet them etc!!!
But.... our "Messenger", the People's "Champion" has already thought
about this..... hence his take-down of Warren last night. Just like he has
virtually negated DNC's $90Million in Negative 'Women' Ads with his preemptive strike against Bill & Hill!
Would not be at all surprised to hear Sarah deliver the "SECOND" of
the "ONE, TWO" Punches regarding Warren et al tomorrow, when she is
on TV with Jake Tapper.
The Lady & The Trump sure work Great together!
There are a couple of Videos here.... one showing him coming off his plane and
the route they took from the airport to the Fair Ground... seems like they took
him way East and then South on River Road it seems... not sure... nice to
watch. Same video has some good footage of the protesters outside as well....
Talking to Security people on the way out, it was estimated
some 10,000 came ; 5,000 packed the building; they had to close the Gates and turn away who knows how many.
Eugene's Population is about 170,000, not a large City.
Spoke with quite a few who had made the trip down from Portland.
A very Memorable Day!!!!
Except for some After Rally Entertainment put on by the protesters.
I was blown away. A handful of idgits blocked the main entry/exit gate and for a good hour or more after the rally, vehicles could not leave... the whole Fairgrounds was on lock down. All the Police would do is play a loud message requesting the idgits stop blocking the roadway. Sad. I could say more... but very sad! My guess there were only about 100 protesters, at most!
Picture the scene; you had all these protesters on one side of this chain wire security fence.... and very annoyed Trump supporters on the other!
Words were flying! :0))
My vehicle was parked outside the Fairgrounds and I was able
to get out through a side entrance gate, then walk the long ways round about 3
blocks to my vehicle.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN can not take place soon enough!