Friday, May 13, 2016

Brazil's Rousseff Impeachment Bad News For Hillary

That Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff  has been 
removed from office  and her impeachment trial is now underway. is a blow to the "hidden meme" of the Hillary campaign.

It is undeniable that a major meme of the entire Clinton candidacy has been "first woman president' which has gone hand in hand with her partisans, the liberal media, and major feminists groups meme the "war on women."

These are the surface memes, but below them is the unmentioned in the campaign but part of the feminist ethos that somehow "a woman would be a better leader than a man." Brazil's feminists view Rousseff's departure as, as expected, a "conservative attack on women's achievements" which shows the concreteness of such feminists attitudes. 

When the day dawns that such groups can accept that a woman might be utterly  useless and corrupt all by herself without any male conspiracy a new era will have begun. Unfortunately it seems it will take many such cases as Rousseff's before that happens

Why? Because "women are peacemakers, not hasty to violence, are family orientated, good housekeepers/budget managers and would manage the economy without fear or favor in the best interest of all, and are less prone to corruption (if they are so prone at all)."

Rousseff explodes almost all of those themes by herself. Brazil has gone from boom to bust during her term, corruption is rife, including apparently with herself, disease on a possibly 
mass epidemic scale looms.

Peace in Brazil, unless she formally resigns before the impeachment process begins looks likely and violence has begun.

How did Argentina's Cristina Kirchner fare in the "women are better stakes?

"Fernández de Kirchner's critics and political opposers have claimed her administration exhibits numerous cases of corruption, crony capitalism, falsification of public statistics, harassment of Argentina's independent media, and use of the tax agency as a censorship tool and use of public funds to attack political opponents."

If anyone expects that Hillary Clinton, purely by being a woman would be somehow immune to the social, political military and economic forces that surround the seat of power they will be sorely disabused. 

Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir were as fierce in military matters as any man in a democratic system and Thatcher epitomized the fiercely combative leader (who had only one woman as a cabinet minister).

Germany's Angela Merkel as a shining beacon of unrestricted mass immigration is another lead weight on Hillary and the "a woman will be different" meme.

The thought of Hillary Clinton ushering in some new Elizabethan golden age era of good feeling (which last happened under a male President James Monroe) is of course preposterous. It has been made visibly so by her female political colleagues to the south.

About the only genuine difference a mature female president might bring, and I say might because even here there have been so few such leaders as to give it a fair trail, is sexual predation, but of course there are always their partners to take care of that.