Thursday, May 26, 2016

PPP Polling (Dem) Under-Reports Own Poll To Push Anti-Trump Narrative

Here is the report from the impartial Real Clear Politics polling analysis for North Carolina

And confirmed at ElectionProjection

But at PPP Polling's own site

"PPP's new North Carolina poll finds Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton 43-41"
Then the narrative;

If a 2 point advantage for Trump held through November, that would match Mitt Romney's margin of victory in 2012 in North Carolina. That's a trend we've found in a lot of our recent polling- the race is shaping up very similarly to how things went between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

There was so much talk earlier this year of Clinton winning some sort of historical landslide that expectations got out of whack and now fuel perceptions that she's doing really poorly, but the bottom line is she's pretty much where Obama was in an election that while relatively close in the popular vote ended up as an electoral college landslide."

The Trump 4 point lead is buried deep in the statistics (which RCP dug out) which of course utterly ruins PPP's narrative. The "talk of a Clinton historic landslide" is not covered off by advising that that was a media driven load of rubbish of course. But the most disingenuous aspect of PPP's bias, which confirms why FiveThirtyEight rates it so poorly is of course 
" Trump's 2 point lead represents a 4 point improvement from our March poll of the state, when Clinton was ahead by a couple points"

Trump's actual 4 point lead is a striking 6 point turnaround from March and the obviously left out conclusion is that the trendline to Trump points to a substantial improvement in North Carolina for Trump over what Romney got and if that is translated into the entire country then Florida/Ohio/Virginia and even Pennsylvania are in play for Trump.

Note the new Civitas Poll of North Carolina confirms the 4 point Trump lead. 

PPP Polling should lhave a warning"For entertainment and bias supporting purposes only"