Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ten Shortest Serving Vice-Presidents From John Tyler (1 Month) To Carly Fiorina ( 7 Days)

With the end of Carly Fiorina's vice-presidency it is interesting to compare her tenure under President Cruz to other VP's. 

An interesting comparison of shortage of position is with Thomas Eagleton who was George McGovern's running mate from July 13th 1972 to August 1st 1972 a 19 day run compared to  Fiorina's 7 days.

The office of United States Vice-president can be almost as hazardous and more rewarding than the office of president! 

Death in office of the VP (7) is near that of death in office of presidents (8). On the other hand 9 have been elevated to the presidency via death, usually by assassination or resignation of the sitting president.

"The Vice President's primary function is to succeed to the presidency if the President dies, resigns, or is impeached and removed from office. Nine vice presidents have ascended to the presidency in this way: eight through the president's death, and one, Gerald Ford, through the president's resignation"

The tenure of some VP's has been very short-here are the shortest. Tyler and King served one month, Truman 3, Fillmore 4, Arthur and Roosevelt 6, Hendricks 8, Ford 9, Gerry 20. 

But the most poignant is the shortest vice-presidency of Carly Fiorina. This commenced April 27th 2016 and finished with the resignation of President Cruz on    /16     America will never know what glories Vice-president Fiorina may have brought if she had more time in office-we shall forever wonder.

Here are the ten shortest Vice-presidencies

Elbridge GerryMassachusettsMarch 4, 1813
November 23, 1814
John TylerVirginiaMarch 4, 1841
April 4, 1841
Millard FillmoreNew YorkMarch 4, 1849
July 9, 1850
William R. KingAlabamaMarch 4, 1853
April 18, 1853
Chester A. ArthurNew YorkMarch 4, 1881
September 19, 1881
Thomas A. HendricksIndianaMarch 4, 1885
November 25, 1885
Theodore RooseveltNew YorkMarch 4, 1901
September 14, 1901
Harry S. TrumanMissouriJanuary 20, 1945
April 12, 1945
Gerald FordMichiganDecember 6, 1973[n 4]
August 9, 1974
Carly FiorinaTexasApril 27th 2016
Campaign Died
May 3rd 2016