Thursday, May 19, 2016

Besides Trump, Of 17 GOP Candidates-Two Other Winners

Obviously from the, ridiculously large field of 
17 GOP candidates, Donald Trump is the winner.
By definition the other 16 are losers but two showed themselves to be smarter than the other 14 and, in their own way are winners too.

Actually to refine this further there are losers, utter losers and to coin a new term (which applies probably only to politics) "winning losers."

It appears this unprecedented primary season has added even another new political term "sore loser-losers." In that category can be included Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz and his "vice-president" of nine days Carly Fiorina. Bush did succeed however in blowing the incredible sum of one hundred million dollars and any further career he might have had with his quixotic run. 

He has alienated the entire base and his erstwhile donors would, surely, never send him a plug nickel again. Cruz is persona non grata with the triumphant Trump supporters and the establishment figures who used him as a last desperate firewall against Trump have no further use for him. 

"Splendid isolation" appears to be his future for the foreseeable future. The least productive speculation would be to consider Fiorina's prospects, dignified silence is probably a kindness.

Cruz is not an utter loser as he still has his senate seat and announced he will run for reelection which he probably would succeed at. The utter losers include the likes of Jindal who is term limited and after his vicious attacks on Trump has nowhere to go despite his now luke-warm endorsement.

As for Pataki, Gilmore Santorum, well really, there's nothing to be said. None endorsed Trump and are history.

The others have seats in Congress or are media pundits. Some have lately endorsed Trump or didn't really attack him so might have cabinet prospects, but two stand out as "winning losers."

Chris Christie took down Rubio at a vital time just prior to New Hampshire, possibly finishing his own prospects at the same time. Seeing the writing on the wall he was the first major figure afte Palin, and an establishment one to boot, to strongly endorse Trump. His reward is he is now a key figure in Trump's campaign, will undoubtedly have a major role at the convention and probably a key cabinet post.

So to for Ben Carson, an endorsement of Trump a major campaign role and, should he wish it, a cabinet post or high profile appointment.

What this shows is that both men are highly astute and possess strong political skills. It also shows that media criticism, Blog ridicule, television pundit criticism, late night television show digs mean absolutely nothing. If the decision is right, and the person so deciding is astute and knows they can weather such attacks because they are meaningless when the the political payoff comes.

Donald Trump has a strong trait of loyalty, the eventual winners besides him Christie, Carson and Palin will have the last laugh.