Thursday, May 12, 2016

What Conservatives Can Learn From 40 Year Leftist Slog That Won Against Seeming Insurmountable Odds

The idea of same-sex civil unions in 1972, much less same-sex marriage as a constitution right would have been seen as utterly ridiculous in concept and impossible of implementation-yet, here we are.

The idea of marriage as between one man and one woman was seen as inviolable, common sense and enshrined in state law-yet, here we are.


How did this come about? The mechanics are well known, the supreme court ruled that prohibiting same-sex marriage was unconstitutional and that was that. But to get to that position, just a few years after even liberal California voted against the idea, was remarkable.


This end game was actually proposed at the convention that nominated ultra-liberal George McGovern in 1972. That McGovern suffered one of the most 
crushing defeats in American history up till then gives some idea how out of touch such liberalism was then.

Gay rights Plank Democratic Convention 1972

"A coalition of gay rights groups at the convention "drew up a proposed platform provision that called for, among other things, repealing laws against homosexuals marrying". The provision was rejected by a vote of 54–34. Afterward, however, two delegates, Jim Foster and Madeline Davis (the first openly lesbian delegate to a major national political convention), spoke publicly on its behalf."

Against what must have been seen as impossible odds the activists continued on with their fight.They used their assets in the media and Hollywood, where many would be sympathetic to them, to work on adjusting the public mindset to homosexuality.The use of television sitcom's especially was a powerful tool, as well as categorizing those opposed to liberalization as bigoted ultra-religious and out of touch with the modern world.

Whatever the mechanisms, they were, in the end successful. The point here is that they were successful in the end only because dogged, unrelenting activism made them possible in the first place.

The lessons for conservatives are obvious. If change in society is desired then no matter what the odds it can be achieved. The homosexual community is hardly the only ones to have succeeded n their long term plans. Almost the entire platform of the various *Populist parties has been implemented over time even though the parties themselves had very limited political success.

If conservatives truly want a constitutionally reformed America the mechanism, through a constitutional convention Convention of States is there. To achieve the calling of such a convention would take exactly the same dogged determination that worked, against all the odds, for the homosexual community.

Are conservatives willing to make the effort? If not then tacitly they are accepting the new status quo.
It's over to them. 

People's (Populist Party) Platform 1892
* graduated Income tax,direct election of Senators,civil service reform, a working day of eight hours