Thursday, December 10, 2020

Long Four Years Drought Ahead For Black Lib Pundits

What will Black pundits do when Biden takes office? It's tough for them with a Dem administration, especially one that appoints Blacks to high office as their well of outrage dries up.

A hard four year slog lies ahead for the likes of Charles M. Blow/Bouie/Eugene Robinson/The Root et al.

Tough also as the GOP is not your grandfather's easy target white country club party anymore with its high profile Black and Hispanic office holders and now conservative media pundits, racism is a hard sell,  not that it won't be a standby.

With the Dem Obama administration the "Obama is only attacked because he is Black" was an endless source of opening sentences no matter how disastrous a particular policy or action of his was.

But under Biden that's now gone unless the longest bow "Biden is attacked only because he has appointed so many people of color" becomes a mainstay but that's pretty poor soup to set on the table.   

There's a hint from race writer Blow who determined that Blacks may not be the first in line or in any substantial number initially for the vaccine to, yes of course racism.

 This in its endless variations may also underpin the race pundits but it will be a long hard four year slog if that's all they have-perhaps VP Harris will do as their foil but, it's not the same is it.

Charles M. Blow: How Black people learned not to trust  LINK

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