Monday, December 14, 2020

Barr Resigns As I Said He Would Which Clears The Deck To Have Special Counsel Investigator of Biden Appointed

 As I Posted yesterday being psychic and always right

Apart from the current probe into Hunter Biden's finances, which must continue under President Biden without interference, fear or favor, President Trump is reported to be wanting a special counsel, as per Mueller to investigate the Joe Biden/Hunter Biden/China connection.

Media reports advise Attorney General Bill Barr is unlikely to appoint such a special counsel, they also advised he consider resigning before President Trump's term ends. That scenario would be ideal as Trump could appoint someone who would be unencumbered by needless " bipartisan tradition" and get it done.

"Senior White House officials have also discussed the possibility of pursuing a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, expressing frustration over Attorney General William Barr’s handling of investigations into Biden’s business and financial dealings and concern that the incoming administration of Joe Biden could seek to shut down any probes into Biden’s son, Hunter, an administration official said."

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smitty1e said...

Barr is not a young man.

Trump sounds like a boss I had who was great to work for, but super stressful.