Sunday, December 20, 2020

Brevities #4 Blogs What Good Are They? And Other Gnomic Observations

I have a list of recommended Blogs on the left hand side of the title page but I have stopped reading most of them. A cursory glance at the offerings from PJMedia and Town Hall blogs just shows rehashing of media stories from an attack from the right point of view.

It's nearly all clickbait in the headers or bubble stuff articles attacking some thing a Dem has done. As someone who has made a strong point about the need for conservative media being in such a minority in an ocean of leftist media I most certainly wish them/their ilk every success. On the other hand I can't with good conscience recommend them to people who look for insight and analysis.

I do commend still 'The Other McCain' and 'Ace Of Spades HQ'. Those two present a mixture of hard nosed analysis, vehemence, years of experience and obvious intellect.

It may be asked how what I do is in any way superior or even of any value compared to PJMedia and etc. Simply there is no comparison because in effect I don't blog anymore. For many years I wrote, to the best of my ability such as it it is or rather was analytical articles some of which have proven to have, or still have, value for the facts research brought to a wider attention. Now I just make fun of leftist media nonsense in a sentence or two and from time to time expand on observations which I think may have merit.

Further I don't pretend to or even care about trying to reach a wider audience-the thought of actively propagandizing for four years of a Biden administration is too dispiriting to contemplate.


"President Trump may skip Biden's inauguration"

 rage the lib media. Well it would not be the first time such has happened, in fact it would be the fourth. From Trump's point of view it would be inconsistent to have advised Biden's win was illegitimate and then to attend his swearing in.

The lib article advising that the three previous presidents who did not attend their successors swearing in Adams, JQ Adams and Andrew Johnson " ushered in a era of success for their opponents party" That idiocy compares Biden to Jefferson Jackson and Grant.


Could Secession Succeed?" asks Kurt Schlichter at the aforementioned TownHall blog. This is the third, to my knowledge, article on the same subject that has appeared after I wrote about it first subsequent to Biden's election. But imitation is etc etc.

Actually Schlichter has mined this vein twice as I set out previously.

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