Thursday, December 3, 2020

Why Progressive Pundits Make Incendiary Blogposts (Hint....$$)

The radical Dem "young adults" devour the incendiary anti-Trump columns by the likes of fellow progressive's e.g. Matthew Yglesias who they see as fellow radical travelers on the path to, at least socialism. 

But, it's all a game and a sham and a chase for page clicks and big bucks which leads to the McMansion (or in the likes of Bernie Sanders a beachside second or third home.)

There's no point in getting irate about what they write or in firing off a condemning Tweet, as it is all just further grist for their grifty mill.

The redoubtable R.S. McCain explains;

 Just to briefly address a few details of today’s bizarre hell-world update, Yglesias said on Twitter that “defund the police” is a bad idea, and the Left . . .

Well, I want to say they “went crazy,” but they were already crazy.

Perhaps it will be easier to understand why Yglesias is pro-police when I remind you that in 2013, he bought a $1.2 million condo near Logan Circle in D.C. This was part of the “gentrification” in our nation’s capital where an incentive program for first-time home buyers enabled a lot of white yuppies to purchase Washington real estate on favorable terms. This wave of “gentrification” in Washington and other major cities occurred at a time when more effective law-enforcement methods had driven U.S. crime rates down to their lowest level since the 1960s. Ah, but then the “Black Lives Matter” movement erupted and now effective law-enforcement methods are RAAAAACIST!

Something about owning property tends to make people — even “progressive” ideologues like Matt Yglesias — rather conservative, at least so far as it concerns their own personal interests.

If you’re renting an apartment and the city turns into Mogadishu, you just terminate your least and move elsewhere. But when you’ve purchased a $1.3 million investment, you have a vested interest in trying to prevent your neighborhood from becoming a war zone. To urban home owners, “defund the police” means surrendering to local warlords, which probably won’t be good for property values.

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