Saturday, December 12, 2020


20 paragraph's of utter nothingness Cillizza answers his question with of course the bloody obvious. These people are an insult to "journalism."  Clickbaiters and peddlers of lib bubble bias.

 Chris Cillizza, CNN "The short answer is we simply don't know yet."


Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic

They hell they do. Remind me how the Dems accepted Trump's 2016 win. "Resist" "Not my president" now sound good to me.


I said the race baiters would have a challenging time under Biden but they still have some work to do before he takes over

"Kelly Loeffler’s Familiar Dog Whistle

Her attacks on her opponent Rev. Raphael Warnock echo a 150-year history of fearmongering."


Biden and Harris(!) being Time's "Person of the Year" is an insult to anyone with even a few brain cells-there is of course no need to explain why. But above all it is an insult to the scientists who developed the Covid vaccine under enormous pressure.


 Google must not use the words "Christmas" or Heaven forbid "Jesus Christ" (the reason for the season?) no it's current logo is something about a bland non offensive to all persuasions (except to Christians but they are not woke)

 "December festivities" 

Merry December festivities everyone !!

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