Thursday, December 24, 2020

An Xmas Lump Of Coal For @Wonkette 's Rebecca Schoenkopf-Not Even That For Evan Hurst

As with every year at this time I wish "Peace on earth to all of Goodwill" which by definition excludes the horrible alleged humans at Wonkette.

However since I am a magnanimous person even to the most undeserving I ask Santa to bring Schoenkopf a lump of coal which has some intrinsic value.

Although her presumable being a "Green New Dealer" she won't use it for combustion and heat to spite me.

But artistic types have been know to carve it so, yes, it is a practical gift out of the kindness of my nature.

The execrable Hurst is beyond even my good nature.

When I gave these two horribles a lump of coal last year I was condemned by Wonkette.

Being hypocrites they have, of course, handed out lumps of coal this year to Trump supporters.

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