Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Media Will Do A Rip Van Winkle For Next Three Years Except For "What's Your Favorite Color Mr. President"


"CNN's Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper say media coverage will change under Biden administration"

Of course it will, near the entire MSM/Twitter/Journals will commence hibernation for the next three years (until the GOP nomination campaign commences) only to briefly awake from their slumbers from time to time. 

There will be a need for them to change from their Biden/Harris permanently in place hagiographies to attack the GOP before the midterms and of course to "fact check" Republican office holders and Twitter posters.

TapperCNN‘s chief Washington correspondent, told CNN host Brian Stelter during “Reliable Sources” Sunday night that he doesn’t expect to have to dedicate as much time aggressively fact-checking the Biden administration as he did for Mr. Trump.

"Dale hopes to spend more time debunking online disinformation and digging into claims made by congressional leaders." TRANSLATION: CNN will be providing cover for Biden and Harris and go after anyone who attacks them.

Apart from that expect three years of "Mr. President what is your favorite color?" 

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