Sunday, December 13, 2020

BREVITIES #7 Stunning Minority Voting In North Carolina/Magnanimous Palin Asks For Assange Pardon/ Insane "Polls" Stalk Georgia

Why Real Clear Politics keeps publishing crazy push polls after the 2016/2020 polling debacle (with a few exceptions) is beyond me. Survey USA has zero credibility and is at it again

From 'The American Prospect' 

"Every African American who ran statewide lost except for the lieutenant governor’s race, which was an African American Republican! It certainly showed in the Democratic vote. It’s sad and it’s disheartening, but we have to accept we do not have an agenda that addresses the concerns of minority communities."


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Sarah Palin Calls for Julian Assange to Be Pardoned, ‘Years Ago I Publicly Spoke Out Against Julian — and I Made a Mistake’

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