Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Hear Palin-Romney And Pawlenty Are The Invisible Men

Whether you agree with Sarah Palin or not the fact is she is carrying the can for the G.O.P. (and taking the incoming flack too). Palin has commented, and been reported widely, on Helen Thomas, the oil spill, Israel's acts of self defense, immigration and Governor Brewer and various other topics of the moment.

She has publicly given her support for various candidates, some of whom may not win which risks her being tagged with the "kiss if death' meme-but she battles on anyway.When one of her endorsed candidates undergoes a vicious misogynistic attack Palin comes strongly to the defense.

Where are Romney and Pawlenty's (and for that matter Thune and all the others who have been touted as possible 2012 candidates) public statements on these issues,where are their support for candidates under attack, where are their  raised voices against the Obama administration, on the oil spill, Sestak and all the other fronts?

Frankly I wouldn't get out of bed to vote for Romney or Pawlenty as a presidential candidate unless either started to show some guts and leadership. Palin has shown she can lead from the front and has survived the most vicious attacks any politician ever has had thrown at them and is still standing strong-a real leader.

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