Friday, June 11, 2010

Wonkette Revealed As Hidden Face Behind Obama Administrations Attacks On Palin

The cesspool blog that is Wonkette continues its unremitting personal attacks on Sarah Palin. The fact that that blog and the people who post on it are radical left wing supporters of the Obama administration prove that, through its lack of condemnation of the gross misogyny the site purveys, they agree with and support Wonkette's fanatical lickspitle support.

Since Wonkette approves of the administrations actions and agenda then the administration must also be in agreement with the Wonkette line since they don't reject that support. Part of that line is to attack Palin at the most scurrilous level which they would not do unless she was perceived as a threat to the administration.

This goes beyond lieing down with dogs and getting fleas, it is patting the mangy dog on the head for a job well done.

The other thing that Wonkette has done well, inadvertently, is to reveal the true face of left wing radicalism which permeates the Democratic party-the face of misognynism, intolerance, hate, divisiveness and elitism.

The voters will show what they think of this administration and their cur Wonkette in November.

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