Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wonkette-The Ugly Face Of Liberalism, Misogynism, Class Hatred.

Liberal blogs are, in the main an incredible source of rabid class hatred, misogynism expressed in language so disgusting that all attempts of reading them in the light of rational, or even highly charged but acceptable partisanship is otiose.

The absolute heights of this foaming at the mouth juvenile behaviour is found in those leftist blogs  e.g. Kos/Gawker/Wonkette/Crooks and Liars/Huffington Post which appeal to those whose age has not allowed for enough life experience to  see things are not always cut and dried.They view everything through the prism of class jealousy and express this hatred in tones which would do justice to a high school locker room.

All Republicans are, to them, rich, thieving bastards who should be taxed to the hilt. Obama of course can do no wrong, and the source of all evil is Sarah Palin.

In contemplating Palin they lose all rationality and descend to the very pits of language and misogyny. The good thing about this is that the roots of the Democratic party and liberalism, i.e. class hatred and jealousy, have the fake cover of supposed caring for poor etc, removed and the true nature
of leftism is exposed.

Read the comments about Palin-could anyone honestly imagine that such a string of disgusting, salacious, pitiable oaths would be directed at Pelosi or Michelle Obama by Christian conservatives-then ask yourself which group deserves a premier role in society.

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