Friday, June 11, 2010

Pawlenty's Jon Stewart Interview-Zero Threat To Palin For 2012

Pawlenty seems a nice guy and I would be pleased to have him as my Governor I am sure (although Christie would be my first choice by far). But as a presidential candidate-frankly I just don't see it.

His interview with Jon Stewart showed nothing of the charisma or spark or fire or passion that I believe is required for a presidential run. I just don't see the bulk of voters saying-"Yes this is the person we are looking for who will, by his very dynamism, make a start on the herculean task of recovering this country from four years of terrible mismanagement and setting us once again on the path to greatness".

There is so much of Walter Mondale in Pawlenty, a capable person yes, earnest and frank, yes indeed, but a leader-frankly no.

All the qualities which I believe Pawlenty lacks,and all his positive qualities are clearly apparent in Sarah Palin. The only question remaining is-is Pawlenty suitable as Palin's Vice-President? Certainly he could mimic Palin's "We need to get back to common sense conservative policies" theme well in his Stewart interview.

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