Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obama Is The Antithesis Of Palin-How's That working Out For Ya ?

The Left/MSM continue on their merry way denigrating, ridiculing and dismissing Palin. Her myriad of faults, according to them, include being-actually I'll have a go at putting the most common in one sentence-here goes. "Palin is a dumb, grifter who speaks in an incomprehensible word salad in a horrible voice, she  is a quitter, causes divisions in society and doesn't have a clue about policy, especially about energy which she pretended to have some expertise about-not only that, she is badly educated going to five universities to get a nothing degree".

On the other hand Obama is "highly educated an illustrious Harvard grad,a gifted orator and has a tremendous grasp of policy, a proponent of change and a unifier".

Well if Obama's qualities  as a person are so grand, if his grasp of policy has so much depth, if he is a unifier of the nation-basically everything that Palin is supposed not to be then, please explain, MSM/leftists,why has his poll rating dropped from 69% to 42%? Which must be the most precipitate drop in presidential polling history over the same time frame. If everything he is and represents is so much better than what Palin is and represents then why is the country turning against him-including the leftist pundits.

The answer is what many said was the case in the election period in 2008. Obama is an empty suit, a person with limited experience, especially as an executive and is over his head "not in the right pay grade" to answer the questions of governing.The country, receptive, because of the anti-Bush feeling at the time, to a press that created a myth was sold a bill of goods which is turning out to be very pricey for a fault item.

The time is coming when the great mass of the public will take a second look at the genuine qualities that Palin represents (if not Palin herself) and will see the real depth and value in dedication to sound money, life, low taxes, prosperity through encouraging small business to grow and employ, sensible energy policy and people who speak the truth. Let the left rail against Palin as a cover up for their frustration at their fallen idol-their day is done,they have had their chance through two election cycles and have blown it-time for them to get out of the way and let true American values reassert themselves.

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