Saturday, June 5, 2010

Palin-stine or Palestine The True History And Future Prospects

We have seen the equivocal response to the "mercy flotilla" from the Obama administration (at odds with itself with Obama and Clinton taking one line and Biden another) and seen it contrasted with Palin's unequivocal 100% supportive defense of Israel.

I stated that these two responses should be the guiding principle for American Jews in voting in 2010 and 2012 as the very existence of Israel transcends traditional party loyalties and the current economy.The economy will eventually get better and  if it didn't the facts are that even in the depths of the recession people who are suffering are better off than people who would be obliterated by an nuclear attack.

There those on the left, including Jews, who state that Israel is a "settler state" and thus is not truly legitimate and equates to the Christian Crusader Kingdoms.There is no question that there is a substantial immigrant population in Israel, especially from Eastern Europe. However, this is simply a return of the diaspora to the land that their ancestors, and the ancestors of the Jewish population which has been in the area of Israel for thousands of years came from.

The Jews have every right to be in, hold, govern and control the land of Israel based on historic and U.N. mandated legitimacy. There never was a country called "Palestine" before the area so designated was given the name (derived from the Philistines) as an insult to the Jews. It may be that all that stands between Israel and its destruction is a Republican government headed by Sarah Palin-American Jews can count on the support of such a government-with the Obama administration they can count on nothing except perhaps a nuclear armed Iran.

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