Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jews ! Your Choice is Helen Thomas Or Sarah Palin

The issue for Jews,who have overwhelmingly supported the Democratic party (as analysed previously) now transcends, party loyalty, family history "liberalism", and economics. The choice is now between supporting Israel, and her very survival, in the face of a militant Iran,Turkey, and Hamas and supporting an equivocating Obama administration.

It is not voting against America to vote Republican in the 2010 and 2012 elections based on Israel as the over riding imperative. In fact, it is 100% American to support the political party who will support America's most faithful ally-100%.

We have seen the true face of liberalism in Helen Thomas  (which has brought condemnation from Jewish Democratic stalwarts like Lanny Davis) and the all things to all parties attitude of the Obama administration-who have reached out to the unreachable.

Jews-those of you who have influence in the media, in the arts, must look to your traditional ethnic bias and look to enlightened self interest (which encompasses Jewry and the USA) and support those who support you-not those who take your vote for granted or who, underneath the mask of caring, hide a different face which would send you back to Poland and Germany.

Palin wears an Israeli flag pin and had the Israeli flag in her office-what flag does Helen Thomas and her ilk have hidden in their hearts? Palin or the possible loss of Israel-that is the choice for Jewry.Palin is your friend-reach out to her and she will respond with love and total commitment.

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