Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jews ! Obama or Palin 2012.On Your Choice Rests The Survival Of Israel

Once again when a crisis envelopes Israel Sarah Palin comes out forcefully, unequivocally and quickly in 100% defense of Israel.

There is no waiting on "subsequent analysis before we make a statement" no acceptance of the distorted reports in the media, no ignoring of inconvenient images of Israeli troops being attacked.

Palin takes the sadly now old fashioned view of  "My country right or wrong but my country" and applies it to Israel "Our ally, right or wrong but our ally". Israel is right in this case (loss of life is sad but the reasons for those casualties were not created by Israel) but that is not the main point.

The main point is that Israel is, every day, in a battle for its very existence. Opponents are constantly plotting ways to destroy Israel including the nuclear option-this is beyond dispute. When Israel takes action to defend herself it is not an action to attend to some incident or other it is always part of an aspect of her very survival.

Given the increasing danger of nuclear devastation against Israel, and the end of God's country for the Jew's, American Jewry must see beyond their traditional alliance with the Democratic party (which alliance is based on an old economic tie which has more to do with history and the Tsar than any modern reality) and consider this one, overarching question.

If , (or more probably when under the Obama administration) Iran announces it has nuclear weapons, which person as president-Obama or Palin would be the best to ensure Israel's very survival at that point?

When going to the polls in 2012 (or 2010) for that matter Jews must put aside historical electoral leanings and vote for the person (and in 2010 that persons preferred candidates) who will ensure the very survival of Israel. To do anything less is to vote against their race, America's ally, and thus America itself.

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