Sunday, June 6, 2010

Leftist Mouthpiece "Gawker" Reveals Ugly Face of Liberalism With Vile Attack On Palin

Just when it appears that the radical left has sunk to the nadir of lies, misogynism and hatred they manage to find a hell lower than any that Dante or Bosch imagined in their most feverish dreams. It is no coincidence that the editor of the disgusting "Wonkette" has joined the staff of "Gawker"-a transfer from one cesspool to another.

Gawker-a juvenile gossip leftist scandal sheet has trotted out the "so Sambo beat the bitch" (which they cover their ass by putting "alleged" in front) canard which another leftist rag ran during the 2008 election in what must have been one of the worst "unattributed" comment full Palin hit pieces ever.

The left is thrashing about in frustration as their Olympian president falls further down the poll incline. The best thing about their rancid display is that the mask has slipped and the ugly face of class hatred driven leftism is revealed in the light of day-it is not a pretty sight.

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