Friday, June 4, 2010

Palin And Haley Under Attack-Where Are The Feminists To Defend them?

Nikki Haley running for the GOP nomination for Governor of South Carolina is under the most sleazy misogynist attack ever seen since...well since every day for Sarah Palin (as she well noted in a recent posting).

If Haley was running on the Democratic ticket and members of her own party had mounted a series of personal, sexual based attacks without any proof of the allegations whatsoever the shrillness from the harpies on the left would be ear splitting.

But since Palin, (accused of not only not being a feminist but even of not being a woman !) and Haley -and Brewer in Arizona as well who is getting a roasting from the liberal left-not only for her policies but for her "face that has been out in the sun for to long"  are conservatives then NOW and all the usual leftist women are deathly silent. The hypocrisy and blatant partisanship has exposed the radical leftist women for what they are in reality as any pretence of supporting all women has gone with their credibility.

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