Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Palin's Team Follows My Advice on European Tour-Letterman Show Should Be Next

I advised in March that the next positive step for Sarah Palin, which would be a major assistance in building up her credentials for a 2012 presidential run, would be to do a world tour. I wrote inter alia (advising the need for her to get a foreign policy profile-the perceived lack of which is a point of attack against her at the moment)

"What would, I suggest, be helpful in filling this gap in her CV and removing one further impediment/MSM attack point, would be to arrange for a "grand tour" of the major European capitals in the not too distant future. There is a good base for this as Palin met with a number of world leaders at the U.N. during the 2008 campaign and some sort of follow up structure in Europe might be put in place. I have no doubt she would be received by huge crowds wherever she went and world leaders (Berlusconi particularly one would imagine) would no doubt appreciate the photo op."

It appears that the first leg of such a tour is being mooted by the Palin camp with the U.K. and Margaret Thatcher as the first "photo op". This works on so many levels-the strong woman, the Reagan connection, the principled conservatism of Thatcher and the association with a cultural icon with gravitas. This should however just be the first leg of a much longer tour taking in as many major capitals and seeing as many world leaders as possible.

Once this has been undertaken the next step should be, as I suggested back in January, an appearance on the Letterman show. This has so much potential, it keeps her profile up and shows magnanimity on her part and would blunt his criticism of her by him in later days. What I wrote then is even more valid now;

"I believe Palin has everything to gain from going on his show, if indeed Letterman has undertaken a new and balanced approach to her. It would show a magnanimous (and Christian) spirit on her part, a willingness to forgive and forget and to move on in the light of a sincere apology. It would attract, certainly, one of the largest television audiences of all time if promoted properly on both sides. That it would boost Letterman's ratings, which was, rightly of course, last year a concern to Palin, would not matter in the spirit of reconciliation."

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