Wednesday, June 1, 2011

50 Beltway Insiders/Pundits (Linked!) "Palin Won't Run" Career Ending, Egg On Face Statements?

These 50 assorted Beltway insiders, pundits, columnists, talk show hosts, political television show hosts, religious leaders,"progressive" and other bloggers all agree on one subject (or variations thereof e.g. "The demise of Palin/"She's irrelevant") "Sarah Palin won't run for president in 2012."

Some said she shouldn't run "for the good of the GOP" or their preferred alternative candidate. Some allowed for her running "but she has no chance of getting the nomination". And for the tiny minority of these prognosticators who think she actually has a chance of getting the nomination "Reagan Palin has absolutely no chance of defeating President Carter Obama"

In their "objectivity" they have variously described her as running a clown show, a reality TV show, an ego parade, a personal rehabilitation exercise, a narcissistic agenda, a revenge against the media program and other, varied, descriptions of Palin and her motives. These opinions pontificated from their elitist seats at the table of the oracle's temple.

I haven't included the mad "Trig truther" bloggers of course-not crediting them as seers (much less as human beings).The following pundits, linked to their statements so they can't run and hide/deny them, may, shortly, all have egg on their collective faces, damaged, hopefully irreversibly so, reputations, and will have been given a lesson by the master of the new Realpolitik. N.B. If I have left anyone of significance off the list the name/blog and link would be appreciated in the comments section.

Palin Should Not Run/Palin Will Not Run For President/Palin's Role Should Be A Supporter Of The Nominee/Palin Would Not Get The Nomination If She Runs(TBC)/Obama Would Easily Beat Palin (TBC):

Paul Waldman The American prospect "Palin's game is one you can only play for so long. Once it becomes clear you aren't actually running, people lose interest. About eight months from now, there will be a Republican nominee for president.In fact, I'll go so far as to predict that this issue of Newsweek is the last time she'll appear on the cover of a news magazine. Ever." 
Kevin Drum at Mother Jones "Obviously I agree with him" (Waldman at American Prospect)
Joshua Green (
Karen Hanretty on Hannity's Great American Panel July 14th
Taylor Marsh
Alan Caruba at Warning Signs "Palin is not running"
Joy Ann Reid On Martin Bashir's MSNBC Show and the Reid report
Hot Air (Patrick Ishmael-Palin’s most likely role in the 2012 cycle would be as a coronator. I still believe that’s basically right.)
Thomas Taschinger
Ace Of Spades; Gabriel Malor "but my money says she's not running " June 26th/11
Dennis DiClaudio
Eric Odom Campaign Report
Bill Kristol
Dennis Miller
Robert Paul Reyes
Eugene Robinson and Eugene Robinson doubles down
Brit Hume
Bill O'Reilly
Party Hard Politics
David Letterman-Palin's not running, I wish she were, it would be entertaining.
Charles Krauthammer " Showed her power in 2010 as kingmaker and opinion shaper. Must know (I think) she has little chance at the nomination and none in the general election. Why risk it and the inevitable diminishment defeat would bring?. Mitch Daniels has 6-1 chance for nomination/Barbour 7-1.
George Will
David Brooks
Fred Malek
Michael Savage
Karl Rove
John Harwood
Michael Stickings (Moderate Voice) and doubles down at "The Reaction"
Dan Karipides
Big Think
Grover Norquist
Franklin Graham
Booman Tribune
Tim Heffernan (Esquire)
Lawrence O'Donnell
Jonathan Capehart
Ann Coulter
Mark McKinnon
John Feehery
Opinion L.A.
Jason Campbell
Joshua Green (The Atlantic)
Jumping In Pools
Kathleen O'Brien (Star-Ledger)
Paul Harris (Guardian U.K.)
Opinion Writings
Ian Stevenson
Technipol "I'm calling it right now and my readers can hold me to it"

And for the commencement of another topic
Chuck Todd "Palin can NEVER get the nomination"
Alan Caruba at Warning Signs "My crystal ball says America is not ready for a woman president and that includes Palin"

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