Sunday, November 27, 2011

Andrew Sullivan Pines For Huntsman-Should Join Frum/Gary Johnson At Exit Door

Palin uterus diviner Andrew Sullivan scratches his head over the inexorable rise of Newt Gingrich-it is no mystery, as this blog was the first to explain to the can't see the wood for the trees punditry-Sullivan being very late to the party.

Not that the rank and file have any sensible reason for supporting Gingrich's rise from the elite point of view.Sullivan sees a Gingrich candidacy as the self immolation of the "Jacobin" element in the GOP and sees a positive result with Huntsman rising up phoenix like to restore a Sullivan type sanity-God help us.

"The silver lining is surely that a Gingrich candidacy would put out there in clear and uncompromising terms the reality of today's Jacobin GOP. If a Gingrich candidacy were to give us an Obama landslide re-election, it would underline the death-throes of a "conservatism" reeling since the collapse of the Rove project under Bush and Cheney. It would kill off conservatism as it has been and allow for some kind of reformist brand to put down roots. It would give us Huntsman in 2016, or some variant thereof."

The elitists, oh how Sullivan turned up his nose at the very thought of Palin to the point where he indulged  in the weirdest conspiracy theories relating to her son, always turn their collective noses up at the hoi polloi and castigate them for having an opinion different from theirs. Sullivan's best course would be to join fellow elitist David Frum and odd bod Gary Johnson and leave the GOP or the periphery of it and worship at the feet of Obama who is so much more smooth and suave and doing a really really great job.

Perhaps 2% of republicans want Huntsman to be the candidate which shows just how out of touch Sullivan and his ilk are. If, heaven forbid Huntsman actually became the leader of the Republicans nothing would be more certain than that would cause the death throes of the party as the base splits off into a genuine conservative party freed from the arrogance of the beltway commentariat who can be as moderate as they like all day long whilst supported a remnant of a "moderate' party.

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