Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Most Insane Palin Madness Site Ever-This One Beats All

Yes, I know I am a retired blogger now that Palin is not running and my chosen candidate, Gingrich, is on the ascending path to the nomination as I heralded way back in early October. However, there comes something that is so incredible that it stirs an old war horse.

I have, with many others, brought to people's attention some of the PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) sites over time. Some are out and out vicious like "The Immoral Minority" some are the ravings of strange minds, like Malia Litman's blog, but as mad or bad as they are there is some little degree of being connected to reality, hate filled as their reality may be.

This site "The Perils of Palins" (sic) belongs to a different sphere, or possibly universe.

The woman who runs it actually spends her time creating tableau's illustrating, to her mind at least, incidents from Sarah Palin's life, actions or, as shown below fantasy within fantasy.

She is "spending the next couple of weeks" recreating the scene where Palin pardoned a turkey (when governor of Alaska) whilst a farm hand was killing a turkey (which is how they get to tables btw). 

The blogger will do this Thanksgiving scene as a whole tableau which she is painstakingly working on as I write. This will no doubt
include a turkey being beheaded with painted blood flying.

Why anybody could spend their life (outside of a madhouse that is) creating such scenes defies anything my imagination can conceive. It belongs, I guess, in the world of Krafft-Ebing but I would leave such conjecture to those in the psychiatric profession. That this person has followers who comment gleefully on her "creations' is a cause for worry-particularly I would imagine for those who live near  her.

No, I am not making this up.
Here are just a few from the huge list of the creations from a mind from another planet. It is well worth scrolling through the ones on her site to see what depths PDS can manifest itself. What lies at its roots is a strange mystery.

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