Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sickest Anti-Palin Site Creates A Blood Splattered Tableau Of Palin Scene For "Thanksgiving"

As I predicted would happen (read the post and see the mad tableau's at (THIS LINK) the mad/bad Palin Derangement Syndrome  (PDS) site (linked at) "The Perils of Palins" (sic)   has created, all in plastic, a horror house butchery scene with Sarah Palin and assorted, blood spattered turkey's. 

This in celebration of a wonderful family holiday when the very best of America should be lauded not the creations of  a mind so weird as to spend "weeks" dreaming up and instituting such madness.

Here are just two of  the many scenes which must come from a mind in Dante's 7th circle of hell.

There have been some comments on my original post by people actually defending this odd person (as well as stout rebuttals from sane people) but, as I suggested in my first post on this bizarre person, the analysis lies in the field of psychiatry and 

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