Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elizabeth Warren's Volunteer Coordinator Abandoned Daughter, Shacked Up With Leftist Journalist

Joanne Caucus, newly created Volunteer Coordinator for the Elizabeth Warren campaign for senator from Massachusetts (the Dem's challenger to to the Republican sitting senator Scott Brown) has a, to say the least, unusual past.

Caucus abandoned her husband, and her oddly named child Joanne Caucus junior, for no readily discerned serious reason except it being the height of radical feminism at the time. In the act of running away from the family home she, by pure chance, met a young university student who was on vacation riding his friends motorbike with a side-car.

The student took Joanne to his college and kept her in the dorm. Caucus evolved, in the atmosphere of 1970's student rebellion, into a radical feminist and Democrat. In due course,whilst working on a failed  congressional campaign for a radical Black activist, Caucus hooked up with, first, and confusedly, a Gay leftist lawyer who died of AIDS and then the doyen of left-wing journalist for a major DC newspaper.

Her abandoned daughter became, understandably, a radical leftist artist and moved to the hotbed of such New York City and eventually married, then divorced the very student who had picked up her mother when she left her family home. As could be expected, her divorce left her own daughter to be raised by a single parent.

Now, she Caucus, has left her journalist husband to move in with her granddaughter-a self-described "Deaniac" so she can be the Volunteer Coordinator for Elizabeth Warren. That such a classic exemplar of left-wing liberal values should undertake such a role is completely what one would expect. 

Why the voters would wish to elect a candidate whose team hires such a person would be difficult to understand in any state except Massachusetts which continued to elect Ted Kennedy after the Mary Jo incident.

The above is a synopsis of the Joanne Caucus story as it has unfolded though the Doonesbury strip since her first appearance. The full view of Joanne Caucus's early story and hook-up with the DC journalist can be found in the book "As the kid goes for broke." Joanne Caucus is not, as far as one can determine, a real person, but her life story as representative of Dem values is very real indeed. Her current activities can be traced in Doonesbury from this page.

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