Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Real Grifters Were Palin's Media Critics Who Are Now "Irrelevant"

The bloodsuckers, the cynics who tossed there often mad, bad or certifiable followers deliberate red meat like crazy "Trig Truther" Palin faked her pregnancy" stories are, at last fading in to irrelevance. They, the ones who made money off their anti-Palin screeds were the true "grifters"

Whilst Palin, the one they advise is irrelevant, has 3.5 million Facebook followers, and drew the biggest fundraising crowd the Florida GOP has ever had recently. She has her articles published in the WSJ, and is courted by prospective presidential candidates for her endorsement. Meanwhile her critics disappear into, variously the rocks they crawled out from under, or total obscurity.

"Just a girl from Homer" is now just that after making a name for herself in leftist circles as a harpy harping critic of Palin whose sole claim to fame was she was an Alaskan. 

The disgusting "Gryphen" from Immoral Minority blog continues to toss his mad readers insane conspiracy theories about Palin's child to being hers but nobody, outside the certifiable, cares. he has admitted he is just a shill for Obama now and clearly all his anti-Palin riff was was just a front for the Dem's at the lowest, vilest level.

Huffington Post with their Big News Palin" sites-they have three, struggle to find any red meat to toss to their juvenile readers and commentators. It is all so shabby and tawdry and it is clear that Palin has outlasted her detractors. The last sad bunch gibber and mutter "quitter, half-term governor, irrelevant" whilst their phobias and fantasies give their sad lives some hate filled meaning.

One day a political scientist or possibly a psychiatrist will do a report, or clinical paper on the Palin Derangement Syndrome madness which afflicted so many in America. Seemingly intelligent people, like Andrew Sullivan with his Trig nonsense (and who reads Sullivan now that he doesn't have Palin to kick  around anymore?) lost their marbles, deranged people were given a forum, cynics used these people for page views and to achieve notoriety.

Some are beyond self-awareness that they are off in another dimension, the Malia Littman's and "Peril's of Palins" bloggers who are more to be pitied than criticized. Their time has gone or is fading fast whilst Palin lives a life of fame, adulation, success and has a future should she so choose- just who is irrelevant- Palin or her critics? 

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