Sunday, November 27, 2011

Palin To Head Major Commission Under President Gingrich After Endorsement Brings His Nomination?

The media conversation moves from along from "What value would a Palin endorsement bring"?  Then to "Palin looks likely to endorse Newt Gingrich." And now  to "What would be the result for Gingrich from a Palin endorsement"?

I made it clear that I would support Gingrich ( long before his recent ascendancy) now that Palin is not running and looked to her endorsement of him with much hope.

I have written that a Gingrich/Palin team would have an outstanding chance of defeating President Obama. It would bring a balanced ticket, shore up the conservative base, many of whom will sit on their hands if Romney is the nominee, and would bring a world of experience to the campaign and to the two offices.

It is unimaginable that Gingrich would not do better in the debates with Obama than McCain did, and Palin would, once again, easily handle Biden in a debate. Both have been vetted so that nonsense would not interfere with getting the campaign's message out.

However, Gingrich may wish to have a different VP-as is his right of course and Palin may choose not to run.

It would seem unimaginable, if not downright churlish that Gingrich would not offer Palin some post, if indeed her endorsement gave him the winning impetus, as commentators believe would be the case. 

To me, a cabinet post like Secretary of the interior would be perfect for Palin. Nobody could object to it on the grounds that she lacked experience in energy development, and such a post, as well as being an asset to the Gingrich administration, and the country, would have benefits for Palin.

Being in the cabinet would give Palin substantial Washington experience, a plus for her CV, and impetus for a presidential run after Gingrich's second term. By that time Palin would be installed in the national consciousness as a person of experience, gravitas and accomplishment.

A reader of this blog had another idea of what role Palin might play in a Gingrich administration. The concept is clever, well thought out, and has a lot to offer. I reproduce it here so it can receive the wider audience it deserves.

"More likely I could see him offering her some important comissions to chair along the lines of Reagan's Grace Commission that targeted govt waste and spending or the Simpson/Bowles Commission.  

One could focus on energy development/independence.  One could focus on crony capitalism/corruption in Congress by both parties along the lines of Schweizer's recent book.  I'm sure others would have ideas.

Newt could appoint her to these posts by executive order, and wouldn't need to worry about Senate confirmation.  He could even find some Dem to be co-chair to balance things out if need be.

These could be substantive positions but wouldn't tie her down like a cabinet post would (and would do away with the circus, and FBI checks/disclosures a senate confirmation would provide). 

 It would allow her to focus on specific issues.  I think it could help her rehabilitate her image if she is seen as working on real issues, and making a difference, doing serious things.  Truman's work on the WW2 arms commission really helped him.  This could do the same for her.

It wouldn't have to be announced ahead of time, but would be understood as part of the endorsement.  I'm sure there are plenty of possibilities.  Or...maybe she has no interest and would rather hang out with Todd and the kids and the family and enjoy the money and let everyone else worry about the swamp that is DC.  That's fine, too."

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