Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Palin Supporter's Cry From The Heart And,Yes,They Did "Win" As Did Pyrrhus

For a blogger of 1000+ posts to be lost for words means that someone has expressed something so profound, so deep from the heart and mind that not only is one's breath taken away but ones intellectual capacity  is stunned.

I received the e-letter below from "Voting Female" who is well know (the "Voting female Speaks" blog has been around and prominent for years) as a hugely dedicated Palin supporter and battler for all justice. I have not seen, even at Conservatives4Palin such heartfelt sadness and emotion at Sarah Palin's decision not to run and, although incredibly honored that she would choose my blog to express her despair I am terribly burdened and saddened that I have such poor words of comfort.

Indeed, I have to commence my brief words (and also refer her and the reader to my previous post which sets out why I have stopped blogging) with the words which might on the surface, add to her burden- "yes, they have won".

However, there is a ray of sunshine of in the distance, beyond the black clouds. Firstly, nobody knows God's plan or purpose and what we have all seen in our lives, the mystery of why things may appear so negative to us at a given moment. but which later on turn out to have been totally for the best. In short we see through a glass darkly. Putting that into political examples we have Lincoln being defeated for election to the senate after the Lincoln/Douglas debates or, nearer to to day, Reagan losing his battle with Ford for the GOP nomination at a late stage in life when his career would have seemed over.

Secondly, yes the massive forces opposed to one solitary woman, unparalleled since the Bryan campaign of 1896. appear to have "won". But so did King Pyrrhus whose campaign victory was so costly, "Pyrrhic" that he eventually lost the war. The MSM has won a victory  but at the cost of their total credibility and,if and when Sarah chooses to run nothing they say will be taken with any credibility especially as they have dug up every possible bit of muck, true or untrue.

So Voting Female, yes you are right in your descriptions of the forces opposed to the righteous path and you are in the right in your despair. But, and I know it is poorly expressed and I invite others to express it better, I do hope I have pointed out a better future which,once the cloud lifts, we can rededicate ourselves too.

With all kind regards as we look to the future and at Sarah's cheerful countenance in Florida. We may support a chosen candidate in 2012 or write in Sarah if one such does not surface but we must pick ourselves up and fight as Sarah has and will again.

Warm and cordial regards
Michael Joseph

Dear Michael,

Of late, I have been where you now are... for the same exact reasons. I see and feel the hysterical and voluminous effluence of pure unadulterated hatred of Sarah Palin as an expression of fear-based loathing born of extremist marxist politics' slash and burn tactics. It isn't Sarah the person... it is Sarah the adored leader whom they hate. If they were "winning" they would not really care about Sarah.

Over the last 3 years and 5 months my primary source of motivation has been the leader that is Sarah Palin. Daily with my blog and before that with my multitude of posted articles at, I have stood toe-to-toe with the leftist-extremist Palin-haters and given as good or better than they gave her and me. The gratification I received was that no matter what they did or said or threatened including raping and murdering me I would not and did not back down. I remained.

It broke my heart that Sarah announced she was forgoing a bid to seek nomination for President... broke my heart that also there are back-stabbing Palin-Haters within the Republican Party who turned their weapons against her.

I felt in my heart, and saw in her eyes, Sarah's sadness, and non-verbally expressed decision, not to run after witnessing the insanely vicious attacks on her following the shooting of Gabby Giffords. if she knew then that she would be a ever burgeoning rallying point for the extreme hatred leftists have for this country and what it stands for... and that there would have to be a different tack she must take to make lemonade out of the lemons life had handed her.

Perhaps you are a better person than me, Michael. I give as good as I get and I dont turn the other cheek to those who want to destroy me, destroy Sarah, destroy this country, but I have not blogged since my post citing Sarah's decision not to seek nomination. I have been in a period of mourning, and hopefully, healing... lost my steam... in effect, lost my way. I feel leaderless with nothing now to fight for. The strength she imparted in me, feels drained. I am tempted to walk away and let the political chips fall where they may... that in effect, "They Won."

Did they win, Michael? Did they?

I want my fire back. I want my hero back. I want to be in the fight. I want to win.

May God grant me what I have lost. I want the motivation to re-engage.

Lets give each other strength and motivation. Sarah feels guilty and I would like to relieve her of that guilt by letting her know we will not give up and let "them" win.

Help me...



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