Thursday, November 24, 2011

Carlson's Newt Attack Misses Point.Conservatives Don't Care About Past But His Future.

Like Godfather Part 3 I try to get out but "they keep pulling me back in". Even for a retired blogger there are some things said that are so inane, in the face of things so important, that even the dead might stir, or more properly roll over in their grave I suppose, that the most superannuated have to get back in harness-briefly I hope.

Margaret Carlson, who should know better, sigh....has a piece up at Bloomberg "Gingrich boom is just the latest bust" where she excoriates Gingrich for all manner of personal shortcomings, policy changes and basically not being Mitt Romney. To paraphrase "whose surge is the only one that matters which conservatives had better get ready for and used too."

In the real world Margaret, these are the facts. 

1.Romney can't get more than 30% support
2.Conservatives don't like him and won't support him
3. Yes, this time is different. Conservatives will, in numbers, sit on their hands next November rather than vote for Romney even if it means Obama (a lame duck from day one) is re-elected.

Now, in respect of all the faults and policy changes she charges Gingrich with, whilst expecting conservatives to revolt against Gingrich because of them, whilst learning to love flip flop Romney, she misses the point entirely.

It is, as with LBJ/JFK/Harding/Nixon/Obama/Bush/Clinton etc etc not what they did to get there, it is what they will do once they get there. All these presidents had massive flaws, personal failings (Harding was having it off in the White House cupboards as opposed to Clinton getting his in the Oval Office) and numerous factors which should have made them ineligible for office. But by hook and by crook (literally in some cases-see Rezco ) or the LBJ bio "Means Of Ascent") they became president.

When people voted for them in many cases there flaws were known but voters looked beyond them to what they believed the candidate would do once elected. So is the case with Gingrich. If Carlson and the Romneyites believe by listing Gingrich's flaws, the surge of support for Gingrich will dissipate they are foolish, ignorant and so biased they have lost touch with reality and Realpolitik.

Of course conservatives are well aware of all Carlson's muckraking points, but have judged Gingrich against the other candidates, especially Romney, and believe that he will best represents their interests as president.The past is not prologue Margaret, it is a drum roll and an indication of experience. Gingrich, warts and all, is the GOP's best choice from the conservative point of view to defeat Obama and to enact conservative policies. 

We don't give a stuff about what Newt did 15 years ago, it is whether he will do better than Romney in the campaign, and in office, to defeat President Obama to effect conservative concepts.

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