Sunday, November 27, 2011

Famous Bloggers Who Will Write In Palin

These famous/influential bloggers (linked at their names) are people of  character. They apparently believe in Sarah Palin as a person and her message.

I would consider they believe she is a person of truth. She would put into practice the plans that she states, and would be a unifier, healer, respector of life and a true conservative in the best definition of that word.

Some will vote for her in a primary, and some will vote for her in both the primary and the general election regardless of who the Republican candidate is. That there is such support for Palin at this late stage in the campaign speaks volumes about her qualities and, perhaps more importantly, about the road ahead for her to either 2012, if the convention is deadlocked or 2016.

I will write in Palin in the primary if Gingrich is not the frontrunner, i.e. has been brought down by the media/Beltway, and in the general election if he is not the candidate.

There are of course many more people of note, (as well as uncountable rank and file folks) who will also vote for Sarah in either a primary or general election. If you are aware of them and have a link please indicate it in the comments section and I will keep updating this post.

Smitty at The Other McCain
M. Joseph Sheppard

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