Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is It Right For Ace of Spades & The Other McCain To Use This Stunning Girl's Photo/Cleavage To Get Page Views?

Both the Ace of Spades and Stacy McCain's The Other McCain blog sites have this photograph, or a link to it, in what appears to me to be a blatant attempt to get page views. I would never do such a thing of course.

Sure McCain links to it as an example of a cautionary tale of someone having, perhaps, too much of what he considers a good thing, and Ace shows the picture and threatens retribution against "Ryan" the supposed recipient of the tasteful cake. But this is not the first time I have noted this sort of thing. After the "Ryan" photograph I reprint some earlier examples of questionable us of female bodies (although it must be said they were placed on the site by an advertiser-but still).

You be the judge after careful and close examination of all these pictures.

The well known site "The Other McCain"  run by the ineffable Stacy McCain, has been running a series of advertisements for "Kyle Leon's Customized Fat Loss". The site portal has a series of three (that I have seen there may have been more of these) pictures of young women with enormous breasts.

I presume this is to pique the interest of, especially, males to see exactly how these women became so endowed, and if such a transformation is available for the partners of those making further enquires by clicking on the link. On the other hand there may be a degree of salacious interest.

To determine if everything was as it should be, I decided to do a thorough investigation of these women. Unfortunately they do not appear all at once, so I had to repeatedly refresh the page. When doing this a different large busted woman appeared each time, and I was able to example the photographs minutely.

I am glad to report that upon a detailed investigation I determined that they, the images, were a wholesome introduction to the benefits of fat loss, and commend all readers to examine these pictures. themselves.

Here aremany examples but by all means go to the original site and click on each multiple times. 

Here is the 4th-6th photographs-upon close inspection they too passes the honest introduction to fat reduction test.

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