Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Report; "Romney Backs Gays In Boy Scouts" That's the Final Straw No?

A huge fuss and kerfuffle from the conservatives and the likes of Ann Coulter over a key Romney staffer saying, in effect if you need health care move to Massachusetts. Erick Erickson at Red State went into a fit as did Coulter, Malkin and Limbaugh 

Erickson said that this marked the doom of Romney's campaign as it opened wounds which conservatives had allowed to heal over. 

Stacy McCain was not so apocalyptic, but agreed that it was not a good look.

However, Conservatives knew Romney's position on health care and enough voted for him in the primary's to give him the delegates (but not a majority of votes). Further, it could be said that the stuff up today was a staffers' doing and not Romney's-although he is being castigated by Coulter for hiring such a poor choice and she is demanding he fire her straight away -or else he should shut up shop.

But, if the Newsmax report is correct AT THIS LINK then surely that is the final straw. One doesn't have to be a Christian, or a moralist to oppose Gays serving in the Scouts, but simply possess a modicum of common sense.
How many cases of predatory homosexuals having positions of authority in the Scouts have surfaced over the years. How many have been undiscovered or covered up and how many lives have been permanently scarred ?

To place openly homosexual adults in charge of vulnerable young men is frankly crazy it is like, almost literally putting a lamb in a lions den. Non-homosexual men to not perform homosexual acts on children, homosexual men have been convicted of doing so. For Romney, the soon to be presidential candidate of the Republican party to agree to place Gay men in positions of authority over young males is totally wrong.

I do not understand how any conservative could vote for this man.

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