Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh The Happy Memories; "CNN; Private Plane From Alaska Lands In Ohio" August 2008

From "Politically Drunk On Power" Blog with thanks for the  happy memories, which are leavened with sadness viewing the GOP today.But there is 2016 to look forwards to as a direct consequence of the article below.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Private Plane From Alask Lands In Ohio! CNN Speculates It May Be Palin

Rumors are flying this morning from CNN that a private plane from Alaska landed in Ohio overnight, fueling rumors that Sarah Palin may indeed be John McCain's Vice Presidential Pick. Palin, an extremely popular Governor of Alaska has long been my personal choice for VP.

Palin will represent a tremendous problem for Obama considering the ongoing claim that he has levied against John McCain that he is opposed to women's right and equal pay. If Palin is the choice, I will gladly hand him a rag to wipe the egg from his face. It also represents a problem considering the millions of Clinton voters that felt that the Obama campaign launched mysogenistic attacks during the primaries.

CNN is reporting that last night at 10pm, a private airplane from Anchorage landed at a private airport outside of Dayton. According to reporters staked out at the airport, a woman and two teenagers, in the darkeness were immediately ushered into a SUV and driven away. An airport supervisor was quoted as stating that it was the most secretive flight he could ever remember.

UPDATE: Fox News Say Romney Has Said He Is Out! They Are Also Speculating It Is Palin!

UPDATE #2: ABC Reports Largely Debunked, based upon statements from Palin's Office early last night. MSNBC is clueless, still stating Liebermann is in the running?? CNBC & Chicago Tribune Both Reporting They Have Confirmed That Palin Is The VP Choice. I Guess We Will Find Out! Bad Morning For Obama!

UPDATE #3: Fox News - Backstage Sources Confiming That Palin IS THE VP! Woo Hoo!!!!!!


If Palin is choice it will make a great commercial considering attacks by Biden and Obama both in the past days stating John McCain opposes equal pay for women.

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