Friday, August 10, 2012

Legalize Same Sex Marriage; Then Logic Dictates Legalizing Same Sex Polygamy

Either society has mores and values, structures and norms or it has, as President Obama put it, as he moved from commitment to one man one woman marriage, to homosexual marriage approval, his "evolving" values.

I have lived to see Blacks benefit from an evolving society. From a position where,as I saw it myself in a bus station, there were separate drinking fountains and toilet facilities for Blacks, to full equality.

That is an example of evolving attitudes to basic human rights and an affirmation to the concept that "all men are created equal." It, the evolved value, is dealing with a fundamental law of nature. Nature stands in relation to human inter-action in one way, the survival and propagation of the species.

This is why human society, across recoded history, values and sanctions procreative marriage. Why it is the norm, why society, allowing for local variations, considers it the best mechanism for child raising and why, in the main one man one woman has been the norm. Even in Muslim countries which allow polygamy, their is a limit to the amount of wives a male can have.

To sanction homosexual marriage, which has been rejected in every state where it has gone to the ballot so far, runs against nearly all recorded history, societies and religious values. Further, if it is accepted as the new "norm" then there is absolutely no logical argument against sanctioning multiple marriages, including of course multiple homosexual marriages.

If married homosexuals can adopt children their is absolutely no reason why polygamous couples, Gay or straight should not be able to as well. To use the Gay argument "to prevent polygamous couples from adopting  would be an infringement of their basic human rights."

Yes society must evolve where matters of basic humanity are concerned, like segregation, but to say there are absolutely no limits to "evolution" is preposterous and anarchistic. Going against nature, which underpins the "traditional marriage" basis of society and child rearing is a bridge to far into the leftist agenda. 

That is unless they give "basic rights" to polygamous couples (and while they are at it, why not nudists) and we see Gay marriage advocates leading the fight, unless they are happy to be called hypocrites. To help them get started on "evolution here is a"Top Ten" list of the next up battles against "outdated" societal norms.

10. I won't get married until everyone has the right to marry their sister
9.   I etc their brother
8.   I etc their mother
7.   I etc their father
6.   I etc their daughter
5.   I etc their son
4.   I etc multiple wives
3.   I etc multiple husbands
2.   I etc multiple husbands and wives
1.   I etc Cats and dogs

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