Friday, August 17, 2012

The Worst Election Campaign Ever-88 More Days Of Partisan Negativity? No Thanks

It's not too  late to bring back the McCain/Palin team which makes the current effort look sad.

I have been very involved with producing a fund raising concert for the charity I volunteer for. Dealing with a team, artists, the theater owners/sound systems,media is a time consuming all encompassing thing as anyone who has undertaken such a project would testify (if they have any brain cells left when it is all over). 

Delighted to advise all costs were covered and there was enough left over to cure one person of leprosy, which was the aim of the project

This hiatus also enabled me to stand back from the political fray. Viewed from not having a dog in the race I can honestly say this is the most boring, negative, destructive, off the issues, puerile election I have ever seen.

I have been watching/participating in presidential campaigns since the rarefied intellectual campaigns of Adlai Stevenson, but watching Biden's gaffe stricken performance and Romney's efforts suggested to me that to spend three months listening to more of the same is beyond my capacity for self-inflicted pain.

I am switching off blogging till after the election,not having Palin as a major speaker at Tampa was the last straw and a major insult to her mass of supporters.Frankly I just can't stand the pathetic partisanship and media distortion,and at this point I hope to be able to support Sarah as she progresses, hopefully to 2016, after November..

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