Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wall Street Journal Produces Video Giving Palin Credit For Senate Wins

The Wall Street Journal, which at times has not been overly friendly to Sarah Palin produced a video interview in which full credit for Deb Fischer's win in Nebraska was given to Palin as well as credit for substantial influence in  other key victories-Ted Cruz in Texas of course being included.

Whilst obvious to those of an independent frame of mind it has taken an astonishing run of seven Palin endorsements in a row, in key races, to give the MSM no other choice but to acknowledge her power and influence. The haters have to fall back on "Palin only endorses when they winner is obvious" meme but that is so patently ridiculous that they will have to think of something else.

Adding to the video the WSJ also ran a full article in their main newsprint edition and on-line edition "

"Palin Finds Nothing Succeeds Like Success"


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