Sunday, August 12, 2012

Video;Palin Shows Class & Dignity;Supporting Ryan After He Dissed Her Twice

Here is Sarah Palin showing true class and dignity in an interview with Shannon Bream where she is asked about Paul Ryan and supporting the new team..

Contrast this with the stab in the back attacks from the ex-McCain team with the "Game Change" hatchet job. Contrast this with Romney hiring Kevin Madden who has been another Palin attacker. Contrast this with Paul Ryan
attending the premier of the game Change movie with      and his silence when Palin was viciously attacked by being unfairly linked with the Tucson tragedy.

The election period will pass and there may well be a new team required for 2016, if that were the case it would be foolish to, once again, run with a Beltway candidate and people who don't support their colleagues, unlike Palin who in this video declares  her "100% support for Romney/Ryan.

These are the views of a prominent conservative about VP nominee Paul Ryan as backed by linked references.

They are not necessarily my views as, with this ticket, and the opposition I don't have a dog in the race-for the first time since I have been voting actually. However, if Romney loses then these may have been contributing factors and it will be interesting, if that happens, to see which may have been the most influential and which to avoid  in 2016.

Here's another view;
"The attendance at the Premiere of "Game Change" may not be a "Game-Changer" but it is one that Ryan should put to bed at once.  It was a foolish thing to do, but if there is any way to graciously put it aside, they should do so.  If left unanswered, this will haunt Romney and Ryan as Obama's people use this during Sept and Oct to sow discord and push the meme of the GOP and Romney hating women."

And another;

"Way more important then attending the smear movie is why both men stayed silent during Tucson? For that matter, why did 99% of Republicans? 
They never had to answer for that. The truth is that they liked that she was blamed for murder. They wanted her destroyed and out of the way, and this helped to achieve that goal.
But they are honorable men, we are told."
Just remember @RepPaulRyan attended DC Sarah Palin HateFest) &Game Change Premiere


He was there with Kevin Madden no less. This after Sarah defended him when no one else would

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