Friday, August 10, 2012

Palin Showed Political Smarts Not Running & Steering Clear Of The Disastrously Polling GOP Campaign.

If any one thing points out the Palin political smarts, it is her incredibly wise decision to say out of the ridiculous embarrassment that is the current GOP presidential race.

 The potential voters, according to the polls, have Romney in danger of falling below 40% against President Obama and he is being slaughtered in the Electoral College. In these economic circumstances when, after four years in office the unemployment rate is above the level where Obama said he would not deserve re-election, the GOP is running one of the worst campaigns since Dewey.

 The only positives from the current situation would be if Romney goes down to defeat against Obama which would clear the way for a genuine conservative e.g. Palin in 2016. It would be even better if Romney chose a prospective 2016 RINO to be his VP running mate, e.g. Christie, who would then be tainted with the loss.

Palin has also shown her smarts by not overtly endorsing Romney, whilst still being seen as a team player. Thus she won't be handicapped with being part of the loss, whilst not being castigated for not being an active Republican during the campaign

Yes Palin was smart not to get mixed up in this ridiculous spectacle, but that is a sad commentary on the GOP at this vital time. She has played the Tampa card perfectly too. By not pressing for an invitation she did not come across as desperate or demeaning herself. By not complaining she looked a team player and mature in her response. The fact that the Romney people came to her, and she now has the option of rejecting a poorly placed speaking slot, shows her power and influence.

The 2016 campaign is well under way (why else would Palin have been at a major donors social event in Iowa last week?) and has been since Barbara Bush attacked Palin and continues with 
Ari Fleischer, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove trying to undermine her. The Bush forces are looking beyond a Romney defeat, and Palin is clearly seen as a major threat. Christie and Palin have both indicated they are open to running in 2016 and the rush will be on in the new year as others test the waters.

Without the financial resources Palin would probably have suffered the same fate in Florida that Gingrich did when Romney poured millions into defeating him. If that had happened to her, her political career would now be over. By wisely  choosing not to run she can continue to build up a team of allies from her endorsed winners, and raise the finances required over the next three years.

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