Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PPP (D.Kos) Polling Gets Wisconsin Wrong-One Flop After Another

Here's PPP (D) Polling (the Daily Kos) pollster's final poll for the GOP Wisconsin Senate primary.They said their poll had elements which "bode well for Hovde"

PPP's final poll on the Republican primary for Senate in Wisconsin continues to find a three way toss up: Eric Hovde's at 27%, Tommy Thompson's at 25%, Mark Neumann's at 24%, and even Jeff Fitzgerald isn't that far behind the rest of the pack at 15%.

And here's the result from Politico which has declared Thompson the winner with over 97% reporting

Thompson 34.2
Hovde       30.7
Neumann  22.7
Fitzgerald  15.0

They got the winner, Thompson's result wrong by 9 points-way beyond the margin of error and way beyond any excuses except incompetence. This is the outfit which wrote that "Perry's candidate (Dewhurst) will defeat Palin's candidate (Cruz).Their final poll had Cruz at 52% and he went on to win with 57%

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