Friday, August 3, 2012

Photo Of "Is Sarah Palin Getting Divorce" Writer Chelsea Hoffman Says It All

I posted an article yesterday 
AT THIS LINK about the new, utterly bizarre, leftist hate meme about the Palin's which is basically "Ok, they are not getting a divorce but now they are just to damn happy looking." As part of the post I traced some of the history behind the "Palin's are divorcing" media garbage and included a link to one of the "journalists" (sic) one Chelsea Hoffman's article. 

Delving a bit deeper in an attempt to try and fathom the unfathomable, i.e. the reasons for the lefts astonishing Palin hatred (PDS; Palin Derangement Syndrome) I looked at Hoffman's bio and found this the self-confessed atheists note. This is consistent with a number of other women who write anti-Palin articles and may be a further clue to a PDS which saw, unbelievably, 11,000 hate posts against Palin after a Huffington Post article AT THIS LINK a few days ago.

Here is one journalist (sic) Chelsea Hoffman;  who apparently has no shame:"Is Sarah Palin getting a divorce?" (note the get out of jail question mark) and here is part of her bio which speaks volumes doesn't it;

This is what she finds amusing:

In addition to the self-description, here is a photograph of Chelsea Hoffman she posted which I have juxtaposed with a couple of photos of Sarah Palin. Really there is nothing I can add or say to the images which speak for themselves.

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