Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan, Not A "Next In Line" Type The Best For Palin's 2016 Prospects

Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan is one of the best that he could have made as far as the conservative renewal ticket for 2016 and especially for Sarah Palin's prospects.

Certainly she will take a hit as the media, the left and most especially the beltway right takes the opportunity in the first few days of bashing Palin. "Ryan is no Palin" is the immediate theme as one would expect as his virtues of intellect and experience are contrasted with Palin's supposed failings in those and a myriad of other areas they will bring up.

The other theme that will develop after the campaigns get into high gear will be be "Sarah Palin is now a distant memory" and "Sarah who" and other variations of that theme. Fine, let every dog have their day.Palin supporters will, especially by the immediate reaction from those quarters I have seen, be even more riled up against the Beltway GOPe which doesn't help Romney's prospects such as they are.

Three months will come and go and Ryan will get his profile lifted and Palin will have hers diminished but looking to after the election Ryan appears to have been the best pick for Palin's future prospects.

Ryan, for all his touted qualities does not appear to be the supposed traditional GOP "next in line" after Romney is defeated. If Romney had chosen Rubio or Christie then those large personalities, and in Rubio's case good storyline of rise form poverty and ethnic appeal would have ensured they would have survived what CNN's Candy Crowley called the Romney/Ryan "death wish" ticket's fate. They most certainly would have had a jump start on all the other 2016 prospective candidates and cold have claimed the heir apparent status.

With Ryan as the pick the 2016 field is a level one with Ryan, should he choose to run having no more major advantage than say a Quayle or an Edwards had. Palin on the other hand starts with a dedicated base who will campaign and organise for her from the start. 

Her ability to attract crowds and passions will be contrasted with Ryan's performance and in the meantime she will continue on her very successful path of endorsing winners and building up a support base  in Congress.Rubio and Christie will be reduced to background noise after the convention and will have had the negative of having been passed over as inferior to Ryan.

If Palin is not invited to speak at Tampa that will of course be another opportunity for her enemies to bash and write her off, In the long run it is better for her to stay away from the coronation of a loser whom she never really endorsed but actually warned against. 

She is in a position now of being able to turn down their having made a possibly perfunctory offer of a low level speaking time which gives her an even better 2016 profile.Her down ticket hard work will protect her from any charge of not having been a "team player" and her "anyone but Obama" comments will ensure that she will not be charged with not having supported the chosen candidate.

Certainly there will be some dark days ahead not only for Palin but conservatives but they will pass and the 2016 prospects are very bright for both with the voice of Ryan

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