Friday, May 29, 2015

M.Joseph Sheppard Post Report 05/28/15 Wit And Wisdom Edition

It is becoming clear that Jesus is not returning because this worlds distorted values are now beyond even his power to fix
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The redoubtable and insanely hirsute Tim Stanley speaks wisdom (yet again).  

"Given that doctors have been exposed pre-signing abortion forms, I'd be doubly wary about "medical safeguards" on assisted dying"

As the debate on the end of life terminal care situation grows apace it is vital that conservative voices are heard on this tragic and challenging matter e.g."

Terminally ill lawyer wants to die on her own terms"


Ho hum-another day at the office "Clinton Foundation hit with racketeering lawsuit"

Nothing to add really as Teflon Hillary can do anything and the media will protect her.Imagine it Palin had 1/50th of the things the Clintons have-well it is unimaginable what the media would have done

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A rare sight indeed amongst all the haters and media pontificators, some positive Palin commentary: From the 'Tea Party Command Center';"Sarah Palin, a very strong Conservative, may decide to run"

"Sarah Palin, a very strong Conservative, may decide to run, she has a very strong following. There is only one Sarah and the libs are scared to death of her, sort of like they were of President Reagan, I remember all the b. s. they were mouthing. They know she is formidable, she can raise a half dead audience to their feet cheering."

Hillary musings:

Hillary's"It was a mistake"on Iraq war vote is just for the rubes/shore up vote vs Sanders-Warren wing-fools nobody.She'd be Israel reliable.I 'd be confident a President Hillary would pursue a more vigorous anti-radical. Islam policy/pro-Israel than a RINO/novice GOP 9especially Rand Paul).

And..... the big question which, perhaps surprisingly, a number of conservatives have found no fault with-such is the state of the GOP in thrall to the Establishment:

"If Palin doesn't run "Conservatives To “Bear The Unbearable” And Vote For Hillary?"
The basic premise at the site is that it might be better for conservatives to have a neutered by Congress, pro-Israel Hillary than a RINO with a Republican Congressional majority who woudl bring in who knows what Establishment legislation which the Congress would feel duty bound to pass.

Just to balance things out:

And- a photo for the disgusting pig pen site 's Dan Weber to use for "snark"instead of the Palin hate pic's he runs


To the Obama Administrations shame:

Policewoman Kerrie Orozco's funeral. Policemen Liquori Tate, Benjamin Deen forgotten by media/Obama admin/Sharpton etc. Police lives don't matter?

Idiots on the left dept. (not "diluted")

Winner! tell me that Palin quote about Duggar kid is fake can't stand to exist in world where someone that diluted holds office"

And a bit of baseball whilst hitting the leftist media:

Ty Cobb, another victim of Hollywood's agenda has his reputation reevaluated.

"New book on Ty Cobb:"gives him to us incomplete but human, rather than as a myth served up whole."

Cobb praised black players,including Roy Campanella and Willie Mays, spoke out in favor of the sport’s integration."

And no matter how leftist nutty this stands the test of time on the pulchritude level (for which many sins are forgiven)

Barbarella..... sigh Don't care how nutty lib

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